Contact us for pricing to suit your needs.

We provide all that you need... ready to go.
Set up the machine and start making floss in under 5 minutes.
Supplies include
pre-mixed floss sugar in a choice of colours/flavours
sticks and bags, and a bag sealer
Pre-mixed means consistent colour and flavour and time saving
The floss sugar is supplied in easy-pour 2 litre containers that allow quick and easy refilling of the spinner head and minimises mess and waste. The sugar is also protected from any contaminants.
We even provide price cards/signs.
You get written and verbal instructions and a demonstration. And... we are only a phone call away if you have any questions.
We believe we have the best fairy floss machine* for hire in Canberra
It is high output and very easy to operate. With a one switch operation, there are no dials to adjust. Just turn the machine on and make as much floss as you need. Then turn the switch off and the machine auto-cools.
The spinner head holds ample floss sugar to make more than 20 sticks between refills.
Fairy Floss can be a very profitable addition to your event. Our machine minimises arm fatigue, burns and queues that are often associated with making fairy floss.
*According to the manufacturers specifications our Gold Medal Auto Breeze has twice the output of the same brand machine available for hire in Canberra.
Other machines available have much smaller spinner heads, need frequent re-filling and can take up to a minute to produce one stick. Our machine can produce 5-6 sticks per minute.